Product care & jewelry storage


Product care
Here you can find out how to properly care for your favorite pieces and enjoy them for a long time:

We recommend that you take off your jewelry when exercising or sleeping.
Sweat can make your jewelry a little dirty.
Lotions, cosmetics, perfumes or other chemicals can speed up the tarnishing process.
Treat your jewelry gently and do not apply perfume or other chemicals directly to your jewelry.
This means your favorite pieces will stay radiantly beautiful for a long time.

Jewelry Storage

Store your jewelry in a cool, chemical-free and dry place.
Please do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.
The moist air can promote discoloration.
Direct sunlight and heat can also cause damage. Our tip:
Store your favorite pieces in our jewelry boxes.
Of course, you can also use soft velvet bags or jewelry boxes to keep your jewelry airtight and protected from light.